New camera

February 17, 2021 — paranoiac

I got a new camera. It's a Sony Mavica FD85, a digital camera from 2000. My friend has the same camera and I really liked it, so I picked one up myself. The camera is regularly on ebay for 20-30 USD. I ended up having to buy a new battery for this thing. This camera actually takes 3.5" floppy disks, although you can optionally use a memory stick. I would have to buy a memory stick and a memory stick reader, so for now I'm just using floppies for now. The 1.3 megapixel camera can take 1280x960 photos, and up to 15 seconds of 320x240 video at 25 frames per second with a bitrate of 32 kbps. One max-length max-resolution video will fill up an entire 1.44mb floppy disk. You can adjust exposure, white balance, sharpness, and flash level. One problem I was facing was taking pictures in the twilight zone, not too dark but not too bright. I found that adjusting the flash level solved my problems, as before the normal flash level was too bright. The camera interestingly gives the options of four different camera effects: solarize, black and white, sepia, and inverted colors. I'm not sure who would want to use any of those effects, but they're on there. The only thing about the camera that bothers me is this white light that comes out of the top of the camera that can only be turned off along with the screen. It only bothers me because it's wasting battery life, but even with that light on it still has over 3 hours of battery life.

So why would I get a low quality floppy disk camera that's over 20 years old? The reason is that it takes good photos. Any camera can take good-looking high quality photos these days, but not any camera can take good-looking low quality photos. Here are some photos, and here is a video. I think the quality is charming, more so the photo quality than the video quality.

That's all for now. There's no holiday, those first two posts were just a coincidence I guess.

Worthwhile anonymous message boards

February 14, 2021 — paranoiac

What I like about message boards is you can get out of them what you want to. There's an active message board for everything. I've been using message boards for a long time, specifically anonymous ones because I don't like making accounts and having a post history (that's why I'm so reluctant to post on my website.) I thought I would share something I made for myself, which is my list of worthwhile anonymous message boards I check regularly. Worthwhile means I believe they have some potential to hold good content, along with being active enought to expect new posts every few weeks. There are many lists of anonymous message boards, but they aren't curated like this one is. Most have a technology or programming board, and if you are looking for a message board that isn't technology-oriented, then it's probably just a regular website and not something like a hidden service (explained below.)

The list contains .onion as well as gopher and terminal-based message boards. You might be confused how to view some of these message boards For normal website message boards I personally either use xlinks or qutebrowser depending if they use images, but I'm an insufferable hippie so you can just use firefox or something. If you use chrome: don't. For .onion websites i use xlinks and Tor Browser also depending on if they are an imageboard or not. xlinks is tech hippie garbage, if you don't know what it is just download Tor Browser. Do not use Brave's Tor feature. For gophersite message boards I use lynx, and I recommend checking here for something familiar. Notably, firefox and chrome have extensions that allow for the viewing of gophersites. But what did I say about using chrome? For a terminal-based message board you ssh into, use a terminal emulator like Windows Terminal or puTTY. If you use macOS, just use the terminal app already installed on your computer. If you use linux like I do, you know what to do.

It makes me cringe a little bit hyperlinking wikipedia for so many things, but I'm trying to keep stuff on this website accessible to anybody.

Here is the list. I'll be actively maintaining it, adding new sites as I find them and removing dead ones as time goes. I also want to note that message boards that require some sort of account but let you still post anonymously, like the and BBS's are not listed.

That's all for now. Happy valentine's day.

2020 in a flash

January 01, 2021 — paranoiac

With 2020 ends support for Adobe Flash. With it I'd like to show an interesting flash movie that is worth your attention if you're into weird shit.

Future is Wonderful by MUSLIMUSIC (Linked is the Newgrounds link, for a download of the .swf go here.) It's a flash music video from 2006 which includes mesmerizing graphics and cryptic russian lyrics sung over a charming melody mixed with some metal. The lyrics are sung by a little girl with no skull whose brains are being sucked out by black snowmen creatures. Naturally. If you replay the movie multiple times the color pallet changes every time, just thought you should know.

That's all for now. Happy new year.